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 Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!)

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Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!) Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!)   Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!) EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 1:14 pm

Kar'Nah'Kah, Meaning, The First Mountains is the most powerful nation of this time. It is ruled by earth Magic.

National Anthem: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6104065/ Made by Fercat

Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!) Artdecodesign2copy

Flag of Kar'Nah'Kah, By Fercat

Also, keep in mind that the people are not called "Kar'Nah'Kahian" or "Kar'Nah'Kahish" but rather, the Kah'Nah. The meaning of this, in the language of Kar'Nah'Kah, is "Mountain's First", meaning that they were the first to grace the mountains and learn their secrets.

There are five standings for those in Kar'Nah'Kah:

Type one, and the least of stature, are the peasants. They have no control over Magical elements and are the workers of the land.

Type two is the Acolytes. They have magical powers, but were never trained in them, and therefore are of a lesser standing than other magical lifeforms.

Type three, the SpellSword. The Kar'Nah'Kah Version of a knight. They have powerful offensive magic and trained with physical weapons as well.

Type four, the second highest of stature, Wizards, are the Noblemen and women. They have been trained in magic and nobility since birth. They Duel quite often.

Type Five, and highest of stature, a Master Wizard. Only given to those of royal bloodline and those who have done the impossible.

Racial Makeup

Kar'Nah'Kah is the birthplace of the canine and rodent.
Canines and rodents make up 60% of the population, the rest made up of 20% Fox, 15% Feline and 5% other.
Only the town of New Xaville has a non-canine count. (He is a weasel)


Kar'Nah'Kah's army is the largest, though not the most well equipped and trained. It is the most powerful when with momentum and numbers, though in chokes, it has weakness. They are extremely fierce when defending their own land, and will fight to their very last breath. For convenience of roleplaying, you can use any gun from the appropriate time. They prefer using ambush tactics in defense and waves in offence, and the average gun would be a shotgun or Submachine gun

Air Force

Kar'Nah'Kah suffers from weak air force and support. The lack of people wanting to be pilots leaves a low number in the air, and they rely more on AA-guns than fighters for air superiority fights. They do, however, own a large amount of attack zeppelins.


They have a decent Navy, but dislike submarines. They are known for having strong beach-landers, and high amounts of AA guns and flack cannons on the ships.


Secret government agents of every type. Comprised almost entirely of wolves and some dogs and mice, this branch of the government and military can be found to have agents in all places in Kar'Nah'Kah, and further.


Kar'Nah'Kah is run in a Monarchy, each major town having a count and/or countess, and the entire nation ruled by the King; Boris Kah. Currently, the monarchy is somewhat transforming into a republic, as the monarchs are letting the people vote on certain things in hopes that they will like the counts and countesses, as the constantly more deadly inventions of new guns does not bode well for disliked rulers.

City's (still under construction. There are 14 major city's that must be built)

Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!) Karnahkah -Map by Sade

Kar'Kah, the capital. It is filled with guards on every street and markets on every corner. Most buildings and the streets are made out of dark green and dark red bricks. It is the seat of power of the King of Kar'Nah'Kah.

Yo'Kev, the second largest city is partially build underground, the light coming from green, red, and yellow glowing stones stuck in the top of the enormous cave, and various electric streetlights. The stones give off the same type of energy as the sun, but at a much lower intensity, leaving the city mostly in a dim, pale light. These stones are extremely fast at reproducing, in geological terms, taking only five or so years to grow the average stone,
About 2 feet tall and 6 inches in width.

Gra'Hale, meaning "Offensive Nightmare" in the old language, is a city surronded by 6 story walls on every side, AA guns and flack cannons on walls everywhere, and surrounded by swampy muck-lands. Inside the walls, most buildings are built tall and thin, with the max legal size being 4 story's tall. The city is also being put in a some-what socialistic state, as well as trying to limit the population, due to the threats of a world war are on a rise.

Jaex, the fourth largest city, is a seaside city. Most immigrants from other country's land there. Buildings are made of concrete and bricks. Cars and boats and even planes have adopted very quickly to this city, unlike most of Kar'Nah'Kah, which is somewhat in the past when it comes to transportation, due to the rocky and hilly terrain of most of the country. Jaex is also constantly patrolled by police, keeping everything in check. The first skyscrapers of the country are being built there, farther in towards the mainland. Jaex is a nocturnal city, and even most work is done at night.

Qwa, Fifth largest, Used to be part of a trading route for those coming from, or going into Exanos. After the simi-recent movement of major city's to the air, Qwa has lessened in income of goods. The city is quite influenced by Exanos culture.

Bjte Hall, sixth largest, and named so for the fact that the city started as a lord's estate. The city is mostly a rest stop for those going between other major city's, and has a good economy because of it. Those who live in the city normally work in airports or hotels, ready for the massive inflow of people on the holidays.

New Xaville, settled by Immigrants from Feliran, is really just a settlement spread out to the size of a city. Never a dull moment, but never a moment where work can be put off. It is somewhat ignored by the other powers of Kar'Nah'Kah.

Vvlkoo, The holy city of Kar'Nah'Kah, is the land of worship for all religions in Kar'Nah'Kah. It's glistening blue lakes and bright white buildings all point to a city of the great. Vvlkoo is highly undisturbed by the corruption of the rest of the world, though pockets live here and there. Some believe this city is a copy of "Vvinko" In Exanos.

Az'za, largely a military base, with a city spawned off of it, is highly considered a safe, no gain no pain, type of city. The military there, however, is quite different. It is considered the most prestigious Military academy in all of Kar'Nah'Kah.

PaleFall, A arctic city, is a mining town. A large city, almost fully comprised of working-class folk, and placed outside a mine of many precious stones and metals, Palefall is inhabited by more mages than one would think, as manipulation of rock can get you far in the business.

Das'la, to the northeast, goes through many blizzards, almost all year. Most otters from Sanuki tend to live there, as they have more in common with this city than any other. Many frozen lakes surround the city, giving a healthy ice-fishing business.

Exevis, settled by men and women from Gah'ie'ell, is somewhat separated from all the other major cities. It is a coastal city, and from the overwhelming majority of it, you can see the ocean from atop the humble buildings.

North Gate, a dock for people coming in and out of the great lake of Kar'Nah'Kah, is a relativity small town, with a large amount of seamen from Zyka and Cazenra, and Kah'Nah explorers.

South Gate, much like it's northern counterpart, is a dock for the entry to the great lake of Kar'Nah'Kah. However, it is more market based, buying the treasures of the sea and lake from North Gate instead of competing with them.


The main religion of Kar'Nah'Kah is called Ze'Mlyaism, where the main focus of the religion is to thrive, become strong, and do so through kind acts and bonds, and valor in war. They also believe that their gods can, and do, sacrifice their lives for them, and that they simply reform later.
They follow a number of gods, such as:

Vvyers the great, The King of gods. He is most commonly seen as a tall, strong jackal, wielding a silver and gold shield. From what is written about him, he is known to be stubborn, and a deadly warrior, but also extremely kind to children and his followers, and always willing to sacrifice himself to protect who helps him.

Jaex the tolerant, god of the landscape. He is most commonly seen as a middle aged domestic dog with a wooden walking stick. From what the scholars say, his ideals are to make the world flow as one, with earth, and the inheritances of Xaevos.

Arap the angered, godess of earthquakes. Arap is known to be a warful, homicidal spirit, unable to be manifested in the mortal world like the other gods. She must have a mortal, willing to take her power and soul, and allow her to walk Xaevos again. Although her strength is limited to that of the fur she took, her magic is unparalleled. Her motives are simply to own Xaevos through war. She is said to have originally been a hyena.

Klil'Hle the unscathed, godess of luck. Sister of Arap and noble knight, Klil'Hle is known for blessing any who deserve it, even if they do not believe in her. She is mostly seen as a wolf in shining armor and with a two-handed sword. Her motives are to counteract what her sister does.

M'Zliek the cursed, god of volcanoes. Cursed, so that he is in a constant state of childhood. M'Zliek always appears as a 10 to 14 year old red furred rat. M'Zliek was a mortal once, however, he yearned to be a true god. The other four denied him, and cursed him, deeming him "Too immature." His rage and will lead him to heaven, where he challenged the lesser gods one by one in combat, and destroyed each. When Vvyers saw his true power, he granted him his wish, to be a god.

Each god has a special way to worship them, but the way most believers go about it is by simply adhering to the 8 wise words, which are as follows:

1, Remember your heritage and respect you parents' good deeds.
2, Always stay loyal to your friends, even if that means you must stand up to them.
3, Be benevolent and give without expecting in return.
4, Never take out your weapon until under attack. Have courage in your defense.
5, Accept the belief of others. Do not push past their will and word to tell them of Us.
6, Do not shelter yourself from love and passion, or any of your feelings.
7, Be fair. Have justice. Never simply allow someone, or yourself, to be wronged.
8, Work hard and well. Create for all, even the soon to be. But also make sure Xaevos is a fun world.

The majority are non-believers, and others still worship other gods.
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Introduction to Kar'Nah'Kah (Read first!)
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