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 Snow's Characters for RPing.

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Snow's Characters for RPing. Empty
PostSubject: Snow's Characters for RPing.   Snow's Characters for RPing. EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 8:16 pm

Name: Markus

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair/Fur Color: Black

Species: Wolf

Magic: Air magic of Exenos

Appearance: Markus is a blue eyed wolf who has short messy black hair. He wears a pair of blue jeans with a couple of holes in them and a plain white T-shirt. He has a scar running horizontal over his nose. He carries around a small knife in his pocket with some engraved designs on the wooden handle.

History: His dad was a drunk who would come home every night and beat him till all he could do was cry himself to sleep on the floor. One night his dad had come home worse than usual. He beat him till he couldn't stand than raped his sisters and killed them in front of his eyes. Over come by the need to protect his sisters he attacked his father. He lunged at him but his father was bigger and stronger. He pinned Markus to the ground. He slashed his muzzle deeply with a razor. His father was about to stab his eye when, fearful for his life, he discovered that he had a power to control the air around him. He managed a very weak spell. Just enough to throw some of the saw dust from the floor into his father's eyes. He slipped out from his grasp and grabbed a kitchen knife. While his father was recovering, he plunged the knife deeply into his father heart. He twisted the knife and yanked out. He stabbed his father again and again. When he finally stopped he dropped the knife to floor with a clatter. He quickly gathered up a few things, including the family knife, and headed out. Leaving his dead family and way of life behind.
As the years pasted he gained a bit more knowledge of the world. He had never gone to school before but from what he gathered, he was on Kar'Nah'Kah. He wondered around with a few traders, merchants and whatever other groups he could find. He spent his alone time trying to figure out what this power he had was and how he could control it. He worked hard at it with the memory of his sisters' dying faces in his mind. After 3 years he had a fairly good grasp on his powers but still couldn't work it the way he wanted.
The next 3 years he spent wandering form city to city. Gaining knowledge, scars and combat experience. Markus never had much money to begin with and now he was all but broke. He swore that he would not let anyone else feel the pain that felt during his early years.

Personality: Markus is a loyal friend if you can find him. He's fairly good with his Air magic but he still needs a lot of work. He's kind to those who are kind to him and aggressive to those he perceives as a threat to what he loves and believes in.
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Snow's Characters for RPing.
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