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 Wind of The Sun

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PostSubject: Wind of The Sun   Wind of The Sun EmptyMon Oct 03, 2011 5:55 pm

Name: Zafir Rha
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Fennec Fox
Profession: Artist, although this is subjective, as he HAS had some training with weapons...

Social Rank: Marshal

Appearance: He is about 5'5'' tall, with a rather average build. He has a characteristic that is considered lucky in his family, which is his golden, amber colored eyes, whom he appeared to have inherited from an ancestral relative. Because of this, he tries to make his fur floofy and brushed, always bringing a n expertly made comb with him. He wears a white trenchcoat, casual pants and a yellow vest when he travels to other countries and a white, silky robe with Exanian adornments when at his country or during formal reunions and parties. He always has his family necklace with him, which is the union of symbol of the Land of the Air with an ankh.

Although he thinks that his looks makes him adventurous, most furs(especially his friends and family members) think he's adorable, which, depending who you are to him, makes him either embarassed or angry. It doesn't help he's usually girly looking in his robes, thus, he prefers being in his vest or trenchcoat instead. He always has a notebook and some colored pencils with him; rarely does he ever take a weapon with him and, if he does, it's a knife or a switchblade, for self defence.

Personality: Zafir is a fun-loving, optimistic and adventurous kind of fur, always dreaming about visiting other countries, learning things and simply enjoying life. He isn't very fond of violence or debates, or even running a business, as he would rather draw masterpieces, travel and play music in his spare time.

Friendly and kind, he tries to be as helpful as possible by accepting any kind of work, anywhere, so long as he made people happy.

He absolutely hates discrimination, not only towards him but towards others, and will fight if he has to. He is a little vain about his looks, making sure his clothes are neat and tidy and his fur clean and floofy, this does not mean, however, that he would be afraid of doing menial tasks.

History: Born in Exanos, Zafir grew up being told that he would become the successor of his father's business. This, however, was not his goal. He always looked foward to travelling and adventure, as well as helping his peers. Although short, his natural affinity to wind magic was greater than any of his current brothers and sisters, because of this he was taught how to make full use of his abilities.

However, Zafir was...different, from most air mages. He didn't have any training when he was young, and yet could create gusts of wind and lift up objects, with the flicker of a hand. This is both relieving, as he would make a great soldier, and frightening, as he would refuse becoming a soldier. And he did. All they could teach him was how use knives and some other basic weapons. When the military insisted that he would join, he simply went on his way and moved to Yo'Kev. He was sure that he would find some peace following his dreams there.

I'm a air-head!~ =D
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Wind of The Sun
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