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 Richard Dancort (Still WIP)

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PostSubject: Richard Dancort (Still WIP)   Richard Dancort (Still WIP) EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 6:29 pm

Name: Richard S. Dancort

Speicies: Doggy =3

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Social stance: Acolyte

Apperence: Richard is so to say a mutt he has thick tan golden fur that is lose and very soft to be percise. he is 5'8, a decent size for his speiciese. He has always been one to like to wear elegant suits and other clothing. he usally sports a sandy colord suit and cackies when out and about. when adventuring or anything he sticks to light cargo pants and a wife beater shirt on. he has bright blue eyes and a friendly looking face with his ears flopped down and his clean face.

Personality/bio: Richard is a more introverted person than he will let on. At first glance he will seem like a very out going person and very talkitive but this is just a ruse to hide his inner feelings. Richard is really greedy on the inside for that he envy his peers and always wanted more. this was his edge on things that helped him through all his triumphs. his goals are unknown but event still under the hate and anger he still has a kind heart but he wont let his kindness get in the way of anything.

Richard has always been a neat freak too. he needs to always have everything nice and organized; he will tend to get moody other wise. Altho his inner feelings always seem to be the same on the inside of his head. The man always will seem to be plotting something weither it be business or just something more personal in his agenda.

In all he will typicaly try and be deceive people to his gain. In general he is a very selfish person and only wants what he wants like previously stated. one of the things he is liked for is his persistence. once an idea goes in his mindset, he will then go ahead and do what ever he can to achieve this idea. (this is what made him successful was the need to press on ward) To summarize everything about him he is a spook that is a persistent little bugger.

Backstory: Richard grew up in the gutter vally of Grahail. as a boy he had alot of finacial issues in his family his Father was in the local militia and his mom was bed ridden with a rare disease he always took care of his mother and was usually stuck at home. Deep inside him he always hated the fact that his friends and peers had it better than him in his eyes. while everyone else was allowed to go play sports and practice magic he was always stuck taking care of his sick mom with no toys or anything. The young dog spent his early years with regret and jeliosy.

When Richard was 17 there was a riot in the town square for more rights for the people. this protest has been going on for quit some time but it never was anything that big. The Protest become bigger and bigger and the tension was blowing up like a balloon until one day it poped and people were rioting through the streets breaking into shops and assaulting people. The local forces tried to suppress this but eventually they took fire at them. only 12 people died that night...one of them being Richards father.

Richard finally turned 18 and wanted to join the Kar Nah Kah military but was told he couldn't because of his mothers condition and the risk of him having it. This day Richard was devastated because all he dreamed about was to join the Military and do something for the citizens of the country. after this he went to the Kar,Kah university in business and graduated in once he was 24 and bye the time he was 25 he made his own business. selling and making weapon componits to the military he is now 28 and the young entrepreneur has made a name for himself but he bluntly sees that he wont be at the top much longer. he has journeyed to the desert to maybe find a hidden artifact that could give him the edge of fame he needs to get back on his ball and stay on the military's good side.
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Richard Dancort (Still WIP)
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