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 Ridley Deltham

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PostSubject: Ridley Deltham   Ridley Deltham EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 11:27 pm

Name: Ridley Deltham
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: River Otter

Sanuki Social Rank: Riverjack

Appearance: Ridley is a fairly short river otter at about 5'5", and he has a slightly plump build. Some furs think he looks cute. In general, he goes along with them because he is, admittedly, very cute. He has a slight tendency to be vain about his appearance and so has very well-brushed fur and straightened whiskers. He wears fashionable yet sturdy clothing of the Sanukian tradition, that is waistcoats and tight-fitted trousers made of fish scales, which make swimming while dressed very convenient. He may wear a blue, green and gold robe with Sanukian patterns adorning it for special occasions or whilst travelling, as in some countries, Sanukian clothes are considered inadequate.

History Being born in Deltham, a tiny village hidden away on one of the many little islands on the Nourica Delta gives you the best of both worlds of Sanuki. Young Ridley has been around Seajacks plying their massive ships through the rolling main and he has grown up and played and worked in the river with his own kin. Ridley is part of a relatively well-off Riverjack family, one of the original founding families of Deltham, as his last name proves.

Ridley has always been the thinker of the family, a cheerful if introspective otter. He spends much of his time thinking about the big questions of life and the world around him. He has had a dream to be a philosopher with letters after his name for coming up with new ideas about the nature of reality. Unfortunately he is no Laker and cannot afford any more university courses than becoming a History Major, which he now is. He has tried writing a few books but they have all ended in soggy messes that he had to scrap.

One thing that particularly fascinates Ridley is the idea of an afterlife. He has heard tell of archaelogists looking for historians with expertise in Arugsha to come on an internationally assembled team to dig for the famous and legendary Book of the Dead, the Necromicon. The stories all agree the book holds the answer to philosophical conundra, and may even hold the secret of bringing the dead to life. If Ridley could represent Sanuki in discovering such a famed artifact, no doubt his credibility at the university would be outstanding. He would be a great historian, explorer and philosopher. Perhaps then, he might finally answer the biggest questions of all.
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Ridley Deltham
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