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 Necromancy and Archaelogy

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Necromancy and Archaelogy Empty
PostSubject: Necromancy and Archaelogy   Necromancy and Archaelogy EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 2:35 am

14:56 Weasels I want to be on the dig as a historian and philosopher who wants the book for history and to see what it is like for those who have died

Weasels I have an idea on how to get who actually did it
15:00 Dimitri Yessss?
15:00 Weasels We should each get a number from 1-4 and then give them to Sade, who gets a random number generator from 1-4 to pick one of us, then he can PM whoever it was. =3

15:15 Tanner- Ahah military
15:15 Tanner- i shall use it to become a military power for that reanimating the dead soldiers will make the military unstoppable :P
15:16 Weasels Dook!
15:16 Lukas_Celestia ...Maybe someone that has lost a family member and couldn't tell him/her about something?
15:16 Weasels Yep!
15:16 Dimitri Arc would use it to repay a debt to a gang

15:28 Dimitri So, why would we be forced to stay with each other? =3
15:29 Fercat Maybe the local militia or tribe finds the raised dead bodies and holds the foreigners prisoner until they can figure out who's responsible
15:29 Dimitri =3
15:30 Fercat We also have to make sure something about our first posts
15:30 Dimitri Hm?
15:30 Fercat We need to have a moment in each beginning post where the characters could possibly have slipped off to use the book
15:30 Fercat =3
15:31 Dimitri Yeah! =3
15:31 Tanner- Mhm!
15:31 Tanner- this is gonna be a kick ass rp =3
15:31 Fercat HOW ABOUT
15:31 Tanner- cus its well planned =3
15:32 Dimitri ?
15:32 Fercat Each of us has a moment where we're alone with the book and we contemplate what we COULD do with it
15:32 Fercat And then the post just ends ambiguously
15:32 Fercat SO you don't know who really did
15:32 Dimitri Yeah!
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Necromancy and Archaelogy
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