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 Introduction to Zyka

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PostSubject: Introduction to Zyka   Tue Jul 26, 2011 12:10 am

The overhead sprinklers trickle coolant down onto the rocket's fins, the thruster nozzles hissing and issuing steam as the water boils around them. You gaze up at the large machine, noting the thick, sturdy guide wheels sandwiched against the rails. The rocket-train station is fairly subdued, a mere regional port of call amidst the curving tracks suspended by stone pillars that wind their way through the mountain ranges. Today, the skies are black with rolling thunderclouds. As you board the rocket-train, a nervous otter stumbles into you. He apologises profusely, whimpering as the driver of the vehicle gives him a warm thumbs-up. A Sanukian like the otter is a pitiable creature in the land of fire. The driver is a calico, his whiskery feline face bright and alert. He is not wearing a uniform, instead he is wearing fire robes, magic articles of clothing that sharpen the wearer's magic abilities. Decorative flame patterns adorn the flowing cloth, a red sash around the cat's waist.

"Good morning travellers, this is the express shuttle from Mawk Village to Doadenem. Please keep your seat-belts fastened at all times, this vehicle may turn corners rapidly and unexpectedly. I am Warlock Starn, and it is a pleasure to be your operator today," the calico announces, then moves to the driver's seat. He flicks a few switches and the doors close with a pneumatic hiss. The otter beside you nudges your arm.

"Er, this is safe, isn't it? I mean, the rocket. The fire... it won't get in here, will it?" The poor mustelid looks like a bundle of nerves. The tiger behind him laughs.

"Sure it's safe. Except, sometimes volcanic activity severs the rails and rockets go flying off them and crash," he chortles. The otter squeaks and gives a longing glance at the door. The calico gives the tiger a cold look from his rear-view mirror.

"That only happened twice," he says haughtily. Then he places his paw on a panel at the controls and concentrates. His magic energy flows through conductors, activating the magical fire artifacts. These artifacts are made by warlocks, energy harnessed to serve the machines. The machine roars and three spikes of flame gush from the rear of the rocket. The station's overhead coolant hoses spray down kilolitres of water, shrouding the platofrm in white vapours. You are propelled back into your seat as the rocket-train blasts out of the station, the otter screaming all the way.

The gentle curves of the rail feel like bone-crushingly tight turns as the smoking, flaming train speeds through a valley. Around another mountain and lava flashes past the windows. The otter is now almost catatonic, reduced to whimpering. It is certainly quite an adrnealine-pumping experience. The thunderstorm caused by the active volcano cause St. Elmo's fire to dance across the hardened windscreen, sending blue-tinged shoots of light streaming from the rocket's nose. Flying conventional aircraft here would be dangerous, ash could clog the engines.

Ahead, you can see every winding curve the rails take, the four guide tracks angled at 90 degrees from each other, held together by thick hoops on each pillar. Soon the coast is in sight and your stomach begins to rise and flutter as you head downhill. The operator pulls a lever and you hear the whirr of motors as the rocket's fire is redirected through other nozzles on the rocket's white, streamlined body. These nozzles point forwards, slowing the rocket down as it coasts gently into the next station. Coolant sprinklers lap water gently against the windows. You realise the otter has been gripping your arm for dear life the whole time.

Places to go in Zyka:

-Map by Sade

The Rocket-Train Railway - A series of tracks and station suspended by pillars above the mountain ranges, run by magic-using operators. This is a very fast, efficient way to cross volcanic mountain ranges safely. They do not run however, if there is a significantly dangerous eruption occuring. This ride is not for the faint of heart.

Daodenem - Rocket-launching capital of Zyka. Hobbyists, rocket enthusiasts and the Duke of Daodenem all use the launching pads for experiments, combining fire magic with technology. Daodenem supplies the nation with the biggest production of war rockets. Bomber and fighter rockets are developed here.

Kaki Caldera - The actual official capital of Zyka. The King lives here. Not many others do because he's a little eccentric and decided to build his fortress-palace on a caldera lake. This would be fine except the water gets really hot and there's lots of geyser activity.

Zyykv - Very magic traditionalist city. Less technology in use here, it is more a spiritual centre for the nation. It's also where fire magic is used as an art form the most in creating spectacular shows of light, heat and sound.

Class System:

Ember - Citizens with little or no fire magic. Usually do not attain any high position in society.

Warlock - A fire magic wielder. Can be found working in any job that might require fire magic, such as the railways, or be found studying magic at Zyykv.

ArchWarlock - An accomplished magic wielder. Can teach fire magic or use it in advanced ways. The military is mostly made up of ArchWarlocks.

Infernus - Middle class of merchants and businessfurs. Wealthier than ArchWarlocks, usually. Can also hold minor positions in local governments, like councils or as mayors.

Sear Dukes - The feudal lords of Zyka, each one governing a city. The mayors answer to the Duke, whom deals with the overall management. The Duke in turn answers to the King.

Royalty - The King of Zyka and his family, who live at the fortress-palace at Kaki Caldera. His Radiance King Char the Brilliant is a little... eccentric. Benevolent, certainly, but he thinks quite outside the box.

Emblem of Zyka:

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Introduction to Zyka
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