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 Introduction to Feliran and Enas

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PostSubject: Introduction to Feliran and Enas   Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:40 pm

The trip to Enas, the south of the two islands of Feliran, is not the most straightforward. Enas is relatively secluded and backwater, accessible either by air from Feliran (foreign air travel very seldomly touches down in Enas) or a long boat trip around the coast to a misty port. Air travel is the most preferred due to the length of time it takes to travel overland in Enas' swamps, hills, and many twists and turns.

"So there's Strawfield!" the overly talkative ferret beside you says, leaning over you to point out the window of the small passenger airship you ride. The dull steel blue waters wreathed in mist have suddenly given way to a town on the edge of the water, glowing orange in the low visibility. From the plane's height, you see docks and wharfs jutting out into the water, crowded by small fishing tugs, all bobbing and knocking against each other in the rolling water. Their small lanterns sway back and forth as their crew busily unload their latest catch. "Yeah, so I grew up... well, down there!" the ferret says, pointing at a random place in the small town, amid the strings of paper lanterns hung across the streets. While Feliran is a distinctive country of its own, its fishing villages in particular have melded with the culture of Zyka, almost emerging as a seperate culture between the two countries, distinctive to fishermen and those who traverse the waters between the islands. The simple building coastal building style of the Feliranians dominates the city, with its almost truncated Victorian styles. Here and there, a Zykan roof rises above the city, usually illuminated by lanterns. They act as beacons over the seaside village. Soon you leave this misty, damp, yet lively village behind you as the airship moves on, toward the airfield further across the island, by Nayvaille, the capitol and industrial center of Feliran.

On your way overland, you see many farms of many types. Near the coast, odd wetland farms your mustelid friend claims to be berries and types of squashes are prevalent, stretching on for acres of bog. As you move further inland, terraced rice paddies and even more traditional farms of wheat and corn can be found. The infrastructure of Feliran is built on its agrarian economy, which is immensely powerful. It is the main exporter of food in all of Xaevos.

Nayvaille proves to be less influenced by Zyka, and more reminiscent of some of the Kar'Nah'Kah cities you may have seen. Your noisy companion also seems to have finally fallen asleep during the overland trip. Built on a hillside, Nayvaille slopes down toward a bustling port filled with tramp steamers and larger, international vessels unloading their ores and oils and loading up with Feliranian food products. The airfield, built precariously below the hillside, blinks in the clearing morning mist of the island, still dark in the shadow of the hill above. The lights of the grand old houses upon gradually go off, and their chimneys start to seep smoke as morning fires are lit. On the other side of the city, kilometers to the south, the smoke of the factories along the sweeping coast and among the mines continues to billow into the air, flowing out over the sea. The airship begins to descend.

The plane that took you across the Enas strait is a small one filled mostly with medical cargo, a DC-3. The pilot said it was penicillin for a recent outbreak of something down in the swamps of Enas. Disease is rare amongst the inhabitants of these islands, and so this has been nagging at your mind. Nevertheless, you are glad to leave your fellow passengers (and the ferret) behind for the more solitary comforts of the bumpy backseat of a cargo plane.

Below you, the foggy swamps and misty hills of Enas rise up, rolling on endlessly. Here and there you see a set of buildings rising out of a swamp on stilts, or a road meandering along a firm piece of ground or hillside. The sun has risen by now, but still the land remains foggy and wet between the massive tops of the almost black trees that rise out of the swamps, dwarfing their inhabitants. It seems impossible that there would be an airfield on this island, but the city of Hallow, on the higher ground near the center of the island, supposedly has one. The rocky plateau it is built on rises above the swamps, becoming more of a grassland devoid of thick trees. Farms can be seen stretching on through this area, for miles and miles. At this point, you can only hope that Hallow has a decent hotel. It's been a long trip.
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Introduction to Feliran and Enas
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