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 Intro to Cazenra (Arugsha)

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Dimitri Exeno
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PostSubject: Intro to Cazenra (Arugsha)   Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:26 pm

The isles of Arugsha, Land of death, controlled by Cazenra.

Cazenra is a land full of eccentrics. People everywhere through it are considered the "Lesser race" As well as all those blessed with it's magic. Most of the peoples are very polite and helpful, others, vengeful. Foreigners are least accepted in the isles of Arugsha, as they have a history of doing the most evil things to the Cazenra people.
They are sometimes referred to as the "North-easterners" or "The isle people" as well as the lesser race.

Cazenra is split into two isles. North Arugsha, and South Arugsha. The northern island is made of lava and newly-formed rock, soft and porous, but strong and able to withstand very high heat.The south isle is cold, frigged wasteland on the north side, covered in dark forests that block out the sun at all times to the south.

Cazenra is barely knit together as a community, and therefore classes are redundant in some cases. Cazerna doesn't even have a official currency, much less class system. The most accepted form of money are "Link's" named so from the shape of them. Shaped like links in a chain, and made of silver, the money from Cazenra is considered the most primitive and valuable.

The government of Cazenra is controlled by militia and tribal styled leaders. The land is, in the end, a democracy between the leaders of the city's and parish's. The current leader, and founder, is G'Shaingii Exeno. He is 1405 years old.

The Racial makeup is 50% marsupial and 48% reptile. Only 2% other.

Cazenra has no formed military, however, many warriors and battlemages under one flag. Their airforce and navy are minimal. They, however excel extremely well at guerrilla warfare.

Please note, that necromancy is very illegal and frowned upon, even here.


-Map by Sade

Psious Haria

Psious Haria, the capital of Cazenra, is made of rotten-wood buildings and old stone structures from the dark ages, with modern buildings in-between them. Cars and wagons alike roam the streets, and people happily buy their items in the markets and work in their homes or in the construction yards where steel and iron are put together to form giant buildings for the homeless on the streets.


Originally settled by explorers from Exanos, abandoned houses in the trees and outposts of modern people from Cazenra on the dirt. The trees in this artic-forrest town are surprisingly alive, their dark-green leaves covered in snow. However, they are rarely appreciated, as people scarcely climb up to the heights of the giant trees.


Largely a dock town, and spilling somewhat in the other islands around it, Ovght is a fairly quiet town, full of fishers and relatively peaceful folk. Ovght is also the name of the two islands that lie north of the main, all of them part of the same chain.
The two minor islands of Ovght are fairly close to each other. The West island is simply a large mountain rising from the sea, while the east is a large, mostly flat and hilly isle. The main island has two mountains, one on each side, leaving the rest of the island to be a valley. Many of the houses are built on the side of the mountains of both the islands, the rest either in the valley or the West Isle. Ovght is a nice collection of towns called a city, and if Cazenra was ever visited for pleasure by tourists, Ovght would be the center of it all. Sadly, prejudice and old stereotypes tend to keep those people away, and the people who want to come to Cazenra despite all those things tend to go elsewhere to older and more Death-themed places.


Held in the clearing of a giant forest that takes up most of the artic side of the Cazenra Islands, BloodKahn is truly a city of death. With a giant arena where the brave fight to the death in old-styled medieval fights. Guns have barely made it to this town, and cars and planes are nearly unheard of. While held deep in the harsh lands, and consumed with the power of death, modern technology never found them.


A modern city, Eastwer has happily scummed to the era. The city looks as though it was a mesh of Sanuki Technology, Zykian Culture, and Cazenra magic. The people here are nice and kind, like many in the Nation, and the volcano backdrop to the city gives it a stunning skyline.


Much like Graywood, this city used to be inhabited by explorers from all countries, but now is just a normal town in the arctic wastes. The weather there can be extremely sporadic, as active volcanoes and snow don't always mix well.

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Dimitri Exeno
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Sleepy Mudcrab
Dimitri Exeno

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PostSubject: Re: Intro to Cazenra (Arugsha)   Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:24 am

A tale of the beginning of Death magic, as taught by the Wise Men and Women of Cazenra:


Come, my child, let me tell you of how we began. It is a story of great strife and equally great victory for our ancestors.

Long ago, before the secrets of reading and writing were upon us, there lived a humble magician by the name of Cazera in the newly formed town of Xaville, deep in the undergroth of old Enas. Cazera was ostracized and avoided by the others, and proclaimed that Cazera was not one of them. Their fur was pale and not rich with color, much like yours, and Their magics were new and unheard of. Their magic took the bones of the dead, and rose them up and toyed with them, discovering Their new abilities. But, of course, this was met with hate and dismay.

Cazera was soon hunted down, and shipped away on a rickety boat north, to Zyka. The Zykian Emporer declared Cazera a Heretic and banished him farther north, more north than anyone more than a explorer or two had graced the land. Many moons later, he landed, and Cazera and people like Cazera, and us, were left to die.

Ah, but leaving us to die only makes us stronger. Every few years, a new shipment of dozens of Death Magicians would be sent to the land, known as the Arugsha Isles. They practiced in their own Death until they were all hundreds of years old, more experienced and powerful than any mage of life. Eventually, their unjustified exile became their land, and the country was deemed, Cazera, after the great one who founded it. The southerners twisted it into Cazenra later on, as they were confused with it having the same name as our great one, as I‘m sure you are now.

But, many years past, and Cazera grew more bitter, as the land took it’s toll. Cazera, and hundreds and hundreds of others, built their own boats, and made their own steel, and created a nation far superior to any other. Eventually, they even conquered the North Isle. But, they were not done yet. No, they knew they had to send a message. Cazera went alone, back to Enas, which was newly named Feliran, and challenged the ruler to one on one combat, and slew him with a force not witnessed by any man nor beast. But, the Life cretins were not as honorable as our great one. They assassinated Cazera on Cazera’s way back to their boat, and forever sent Cazera to their truest power.

And now, everyone who dies must be judged by Cazera. If they pass, they may return to Xaevos as a reincarnation, but if they lived dishonorably and with unjust hate, they are laid to their final rest, and cease to exist.

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Intro to Cazenra (Arugsha)
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