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 Introduction to Sanuki

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PostSubject: Introduction to Sanuki   Introduction to Sanuki EmptyFri Jul 15, 2011 10:30 pm

Mist hangs above the river in the morning. It's cold, save for where you can glimpse the orange rays of the sun through trees that adorn the hilltops. The riverbank is calm and quiet. You walk amongst wooden piers, bridges and platforms that span the wide stretch of water. Stilt houses are peppered up and down the waterway, no more than two in sight of each other. The Sanukians like their privacy. Their houses are sturdy, homely places that smell of cooked fish. You see one of the otters step out of his home, clad in a wetsuit of fish scales. He carries a harpoon gun. The brown whiskery face looks up at you. You bow your head and he returns the gesture. It is only polite, you are standing on his walkway after all. The otter plunges into the water, his sleek body rippling through the dark with ease.

A few pearls in the paw of the ferry otter and you are speeding down the river. The vehicle is a combination of traditional varnished wooden boat with a carved prow and brass detailing, with the power of a diesel engine housed at the back. The otter in his striped shirt and fisherman's cap smokes a pipe at he leans gently on the tiller. On the right, water traffic comes in the opposite direction. Airboats, pleasure yachts and barges with burly otterfolk plying their trade upriver.

As the river opens into a delta, you see the islands near the coast are taken over by ports. Some traditional Exanian and Kah'Nah ships float in the harbour. Sanukian technology however, looks slightly different. Sanukian ships seem more like aeroplanes. Stubby wings, tube bodies and rows of aero-engines stacked forward and high above the water. Huge tail section and rudders. These are not aeroplanes, not truly. The otters call them Scudders, the Kar'Nah'Kah call them ekranoplans. They are flying ships, fast and efficient. Sanuki is rivaled by none in terms of water technology. There are a few war-scudders at the naval dockyards along with their sleek submarines, each one capped with a heavy ram and rows of torpedo tubes.

The ferry otter ties up at a pier amongst many in the maze of delta islands and coastal platforms. A tall tower of white stone looms overhead. It's the Nourica Delta lighthouse, its powerful red beam slicing through the morning fog. A foghorn blares for a moment, echoing through the cool air and rebounding from island to island. This is Sanuki, home of the otters. Be you polite and hard-working, you are welcome.

Places to go in Sanuki:

Introduction to Sanuki Sanukis -Map by Sade

Nourica Delta - The main trading ports to Exanos, Kar'Nah'Kah and Gah'ie'ell are built here. It also houses many naval dockyards where the Sanuki Imperial Navy builds its submarines and scudders.

Sanuki City - Otters like thier privacy, so their capital city is a urban sprawl of spacious homes and businesses across a great lake and wetlands. At the centre of the city is the Imperial Pool, the private residence of His Serenity Emperor Jorran II.

Lake Deash - A prosperous fishing lake, where many wealthier Sanukians tend to reside. It is run by Mayor Falko, a stern otter who is fair and just. Deash is known for its intense loyalty to the Emperor.

Town Orcrol - A completely submerged town that rests at the bottom of the sea off the southern coast. Built by wealthy Sanukians as the ultimate recluse. Unfortunately failing maintenance and disagreements over the running of the town between the mayor and his acolytes now means several parts of town are permanently flooded, though this is not always a problem for the Sanukians, so long as the pumps keep running. A town known for its eccentric inhabitants and blatantly corrupt council members.

Social structure:

Sanuki has a very fluid social structure, as one can become quite wealthy if one works hard.

Riverjack - An ordinary citizen of Sanuki, Riverjacks use the river for their trade or business. This includes fishers, ferry otters, dockworkers, barge skippers and smiths.

Seajack - A rank of citizens specifically within the military. They have decent pay and undertake skills like engineering, piloting ships or other military craft and working as a shipwright.

Laker - Lakers are as the name suggests, otters that live in lakes. Rich and aloof, Lakers enjoy the quietest, most comfortable lifestyle, for which they have earned by business or long military service, such as senior officers.

Imperial - The Imperial Family rules Sanuki. In truth, there's not much administration work to do. Otters are naturally very industrious, so the Imperial Family is concerned mainly with scrapping unnecessary laws and organising new ones, as well as running programs to encourage development. They also head the military by default. The current Emperor is Jorran II.

Introduction to Sanuki Artdeco5


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Introduction to Sanuki
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