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 Introduction to Gah'ie'ell

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Introduction to Gah'ie'ell Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Gah'ie'ell   Introduction to Gah'ie'ell EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 2:31 am

"Slip it! No, haul the rudder that way!" The fox zeppelin pilot yells, his paws a blur as he hauls the wheel hard to starboard. The zeppelin's sails billow in the strong headwind, the docking ropes trailing after the medium sized craft like lifelines. The pilot summons his wind magic and the zeppelin rocks as a sudden backdraft thumps the white triangular foresails, the light, flexible aluminium masts bending gently. Lamplighters on the docking pad waddle after the heavy docking cables, slotting the looped ends into the spools. The diesel motors on the ground growl and begin to tow the wayward sail-zeppelin down.

"Gotta slip it when we're coming in hot and fast like that," the fox winks, flicking on the blinking landing lights. The dunes of the coastal town of Kaz slide past the windows, held open from their riveted frames by iron rods. A gentle, warm breeze brushes across your face, a welcome change from the fresh coldness of Exanos.

"The jeep hire is outside the hangars on Allik Street. You should probably pick up a rifle too. Safaris aren't any fun without an element of danger," The fox advises as the zeppelin's hatch opens and the stairs to the docking pad fold out. You step out to see rows and rows of hangars, some occupied, some not. A runway stretches out into the harbour and a busy port sits on the opposite side of the bay. Hulking ships blast their horns, engines whirr and cargo tugs flit back and forth from cargo zeppelins like ants.

Walking onto Allik street, the place is one of laid-back living. Furs sip at cold drinks and laugh in the shade of cafe awnings. The general store, where you can buy your food for the safari on the desert track. The armoury for your weapon and the jeep hire with neat rows of brightly painted cars ready for service. You remember that they drive of the left of the road in Gah'ie'ell. It's a pleasant afternoon and all is well.

Places to go in Gah'ie'ell (somtimes pronounced Gah're'ell):

Introduction to Gah'ie'ell Exanosandgahreell -Map by Sade

Allik Street - The main street of Kaz, a lazy, laid-back port town that services airships and ocean liners. A typical holiday destination for furs all over the island.

Szun - The most southern port town, Szun has the highest percentage of otter residents, migrants from Sanuki.

Misher - The forest town in the oasis in the middle of the island. Misher is highly secluded from the outside, rich in natural beauty. There is limited air traffic to this wealthier fur's paradise, so many travellers arrive by jeep or some other land vehicle. Misher is also home of the Colonial Defence Force, a small militia which works with the Exanos Air Force to keep the peace and make sure the island is safe.

Gladen Promenade - The main street of Misher, which is lined by rows of trees and neat little shops. At the far end of the promenade is the Colonial Governor's House. This is where the Governor of the island lives and works in administrating the colony. The current Governor is Governor Mackor.

Dune - This desert town is populated by sand lovers. Originally conceived as a refuge for controversial artists, it has blossomed into a desert flower of Gah'ie'ell's culture.

Class Structure:

The Gah'ie'ell class structure is similar to Exanos, as it is an Exanian colony.

The Lamplighters - Lowest class, so named for taking on dreary jobs like lighting lamps back before there was electricity. Nowadays, they work as menial dockworkers, unskilled labourers and nightwatchfurs.

The Drillers - The skilled working class, so named for their tendency to work in aircraft maintenance and building, hence 'drilling'. These furs are engineers, bartenders, industrial skilled labour and electricians.

The Skippers - A more wealthy and prominent working class, these pilots 'skipper' or pilot craft. They can work for zeppelin cargo companies, the Colonial Defence Force or even buy a plane or zeppelin and run their own business. Not even the upper classes disrespect the importance of the Skippers. The only class with the ability to use air magic.

The Sailmasters - The aristocratic class of Gah'ie'ell, though they are considered slightly less respectable amongst Exanian Marshals. A Sailmaster may own a business or several, attend important parties and functions, be rich and appreciate Gah'ie'ell art and music. Most Sailmasters are avid composers, musicians, artists, sculptors, actors and singers.

The Colonial Supreme - this class are the most powerful and are mostly concerned with running the island. Members of the Colonial Supreme include the Governor and his advisors as well as the top officers of the Colonial Defence Force, which includes both land militia and air force. The Colonial Supreme are, however, subservient to the Exanian Skylords.

Introduction to Gah'ie'ell Artdeco3copy
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Introduction to Gah'ie'ell
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